9 Incredible Facts About The Vagina That Everyone Should Know

It is important to take care of the vagina and understand what cleaning routines may be causing more harm than good. The word vagina can make a situation awkward, and there are even some individuals who have been banned from areas for speaking such a word. Walt Disney is known for his family friendly movies, but did you know he created a film that involved the vagina? Even the shark has a role in the history of the vagina. Here are nine facts about the vagina that everyone should know about.

Nerve Endings Galore


The vagina is a very delicate area of a woman’s body, with some parts being much more sensitive than others. The area referred to as the vagina is describing the interior area of the privates. Components of the vaginal area include the uterus, ovaries, cervix and fallopian tubes. The inner and outer flaps of skin commonly called the labia form the area known as the vulva. The vulva also contains the urethra, clitoral hood, and clitoris. A woman’s clitoris plays an essential role in providing pleasure during intercourse. The clitoris is home to eight thousand nerve-endings. That sounds like a lot when comparing it to the glans of a penis, which contains only thirty-five hundred.

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