6 Common And Completely Natural Aphrodisiacs Every Woman Should Know About

Aphrodisiacs can be human-made or naturally found substances that increase the sex drive, or libido, of a man or woman. Poor health choices such as a bad diet full of processed foods, no exercise, and a lack of sleep can contribute to a lack of sexual desire and activity. Mental health issues such as depression or anxiety can also lower libido and hurt sexual appetite. Although pharmaceutical companies have seemingly solved the problem of male libido with products such as Viagra and its many imitations, women have far fewer over the counter choices. Check out these six natural and easy to use aphrodisiacs for women.


This tasty, exotic fruit is found in any supermarket in North America and has become a favourite for many people due to the unique taste and texture. What is not well-known about dates is the fact they are a natural aphrodisiac that has been used for hundreds of years like many others in this slideshow. In traditional Arabic culture, dates are mixed with milk and cinnamon to create a natural aphrodisiac that is amazingly tasty. After consuming a portion of dates, the body will instantly feel energized and somewhat revitalized and for this reason dates are a common food used to break a Ramadan fast. Dates also contain fibre, essential nutrients and minerals, which are all vital to maintaining general health and sexual appetite for women.

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