8 Forgotten Foods That Truly Help Erectile Dysfunction

There seems to be a list of superfoods with claims of curing nearly every health condition. Unfortunately for a lot of men dealing with erectile dysfunction, there is no one simple solution, but because a healthy sex life depends on an efficient blood supply to the penis, a balanced diet and active lifestyle is key. There happens to be some critical nutrients beneficial to the vascular system and may, as a result, help prevent erectile dysfunction.

8. Pink Grapefruit

When choosing grapefruit for its lycopene content, make sure only to pick the red and pink varieties. The white lacks this important carotenoid. Among its many health benefits, lycopene is effective in fighting oxygen free radicals and prevent damage to cells. For men, lycopene also has the potential to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and repair DNA in damaged prostate cancer cells. Grapefruit also contains powerful antioxidants, may help eliminate toxins, prevent kidney stones, and lower cholesterol.

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